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Industrial Training

DSHM offers its students various opportunities for hands on experience and exposure in live situations through following programs:

Academic - Industry Integration Program:
This is a unique endeavor of DSHM where the students get to learn by observing and performing live operations right from the very beginning. The students are sent to different areas of operations at the attached hotels Of Dangayach Group . The students are given precise learning objectives beforehand. For a stipulated period, they work as a part of the department they are assigned to, taking part in the real operations.
The main objective of this program is to bring about a strong industry interface in hospitality academics. The entire pedagogy of educational deliverance at DSHM is being designed in such a way that, the students get dual inputs; one from the interaction with faculty members within classrooms and laboratories and another live experience in the hotel.

This will have several benefits such as:
The students are able to better correlate between theory and practice. This program encourages self - learning and learning from observation. Since the students are able to share their experiences and view, the classroom sessions become more participative and interactive. The students, as a result, have a better learning curve.

Industrial Training Program :
Both the degree and the diploma program students are required to undergo a 22-week Industrial Training at a hotel of repute in India or abroad as a partial fulfilment to the course. A student has to complete training in all the four key areas of Food Production, Food & Beverage Service, Housekeeping and Front Office.
The objective of the industrial training is to provide a wider practical exposure to the students in the operational areas. This training helps the students to make close and comparative study of different departments often proves useful to identify the area of interest where he/she may be interested to start his/her career. Though it is preferred that students undergo this training at one of the Dangayach hotels, on request of the student, it may be arranged in other hotels of repute as well.

Apprenticeship Program (Earn while you Learn) :
Since DSHM is part of the renowned Group of Hotels, it provides a unique opportunity for its students to work part time with the hotels and earn a handsome stipend. This program not only helps the students to earn while they learn but also adds to their professional experience. This also means that the participating students can secure better employment after they finish their course as they will also have work experience.

Teaching Methodology

Possibilities are meaningless without access. We understand this fundamental idea and hence, we are present in one of the most prominent location of Jaipur.
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Soft skills and personality Development

Effective communication and interpersonal skills are crucial to increase employment opportunities and to compete successfully in the business environment.

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